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Serena Dominguez, AMFT

I’m glad you’ve found your way here, and that you’re taking this next step toward self-care. Examining the parts of ourselves that no longer work or support our well-being can be challenging. However, within the therapeutic space, we will collaborate on this journey to care for you.

I believe that self-care and tuning into our needs are multifaceted processes that continually evolve and flourish. While the world around us changes and expands, so do our requirements for nurturing our mind. As a person, I advocate for a healthy self-relationship through mind-body-spirit connection. This method helps enable us to lead more intentional, fulfilling, and interconnected lives within our ever-changing roles and environments. As a therapist, I hold hope that each individual I work with will have the opportunity to engage in self-exploration through my empathetic approach.

I emphasize the importance of actively connecting with every person we encounter by listening, learning, and approaching them with care. As we step into the therapeutic space together, I will support your journey using therapeutic approaches. I use person-centered therapy, emotion-focused therapy, attachment theory, trauma-informed yoga, and motivational interviewing in my practice. My goal is to guide individuals in healing, self-awareness, coping skill development, and a deeper understanding of their life experiences.

I completed my studies in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of San Francisco. Throughout my graduate training and after graduating, I gained experience in the greater Bay Area by working at a county agency. I provided treatment to prenatal and postpartum individuals and families, including mothers, fathers, infants, children, and resource parents. Before entering graduate school, I worked in court-mandated services, offering alcohol and substance abuse counseling to adults of all ages. I also supported teens through various nonprofit programs in both the greater Bay Area and Southern California.

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors with my family, especially during beautiful sunsets or live music. You can also find me in a kitchen, typically cooking without a recipe. I appreciate my various life roles and find fulfillment in intentional, compassionate living.

Specialties Include:
Child-Parent Relationship
Prenatal/Postpartum Parents & Caregivers
Families and Couples
Life Transitions
Personal Growth