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    This April, we invite you to join us to explore the art of self-care and authentic living with Wellspring Psychology’s newest group: Nourishing Self-Compassion.

    In today’s world, filled with noise and self-doubt, finding sanctuary becomes essential. Through Nourishing Self-Compassion, we aim to create a space to quiet the mind’s chatter and amplify the heart’s voice. Serena Dominguez, AMFT, brings her knowledge and empathy to guide you through this journey.

    The group is tailored to help you navigate life’s challenges with grace and perseverance. We believe in the profound benefits of self-compassion, and we’re committed to nurturing that within each participant.

    The Experience: Through grounding activities, enriching discussions, and the strength of community support, participants will nurture a compassionate relationship with themselves. From taming the inner critic to fostering self-forgiveness, gratitude, and resilience, we’ll guide you in shifting away from negative beliefs to embrace authentic living.

    Who Should Join: This program welcomes adults of all ages and genders, especially those navigating transitional phases or seeking deeper self-understanding. Whether you’re yearning for self-compassion or eager to enhance your life’s richness, this group is for you.

    Investment in Well-being: Secure your spot in the 6-week program for a flat rate of $390 ($65.00 per 90-minute session).

    Space is limited.