Amanda Alfaro, LMFT

I am passionate about working alongside those who are ready and willing to explore their life with the goal of achieving better (and honest) self-understanding. Therapy can be a space for you to “lean in” and create the life you want; I’d like to guide you in discovering new ways to make that happen by asking hard questions with a soft heart. I believe in the power of open conversations, connection through vulnerability & honest relationships – the most important one being with yourself. Together we can work to explore all opportunities for growth in your life, and discover your best… true self.

Psychotherapists are people too — I’m here to help; so working with me comes with compassion, a time to feel seen & heard, and from a place of shared humanity as we all navigate this thing called life.

My therapeutic approach is individualized and involves a variety of modalities including humanistic and existential psychotherapies, exploring early development, attachment, trauma & its residual symptoms, mindfulness practice, and the exploration/use of spirituality (if desired).

I work with all kinds of people who struggle with all kinds of problems, or have no problems at all and just want to grow! These people include individual adults ready to dig deep, teens (who want to be here), and couples seeking to improve connection.

I have a deep respect for this work & the beauty of our discomfort as it leads to growth. I’m here as a reminder that you don’t need to feel uncomfortable, alone.

Prior to my time in private practice, my journey in mental health care included settings such as local agencies, non-profit organizations, intensive outpatient programs, and education. I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University – San Diego. When I’m not practicing therapy you can find me behind a camera, traveling, or trying to hang out with everyone’s dogs because the quality of their connection is like no other.

Specialties Include:
Personal Growth
Spiritual Concerns
Life Transitions
Relationship Difficulties